About the Foundation

The Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund is a registered non-profit organization with the state of Colorado.  All proceeds from the tournament are used to help families and children who are going through cancer treatment.  Currently, we have had to limit the donation per family to $500. The more money we raise each year, the more families we can help.

Not only does a cancer diagnosis cause great emotional upheaval in a family but it can also cause financial problems.  Many times a family member has to take time off or even quit work to help care for the patient.  The Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund gave over $23,000 to help 51 families the past two years.  Families have been helped in a variety of ways – car repairs, rent, utilities, prescription coverage.

The following came from social workers working with the families we helped.

  1.  A 16 year old young lady with advanced cancer.  She had a stem cell transplant in CA and we were able to pay for her 4 ½ week stay in Hope Village.  Your help allowed the family to stay in Hope Village without worry about how they would pay for it which was a HUGE stress relief for her parents.
  2. 6 year old male patient originally diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia who relapsed in the middle of his first bone marrow transplant.  He underwent some treatment including chemotherapy in the outpatient clinic.  Unfortunately, he has recently relapsed of his disease for a second time.  He will undergo a second bone marrow transplant in hopes to attempt remission, although his prognosis is poor.  He will be admitted inpatient for 4-6 weeks minimum.  His step-father is unemployed in order to be at the patient’s bedside for care and support.  His mother is trying to stay full time in school to become a nurse.  Clearly, the family’s income is limited at this time and paying monthly bills is difficult.  They received a disconnect notice from the Xcel energy bill.  Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund assisted with $500 towards their Denver Water bill and Xcel energy bill.
  3. 4 year old male patient recently diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor.  He was admitted inpatient for multiple days for testing and procedures to discover the tragic news that he was diagnosed with cancer.  The doctors had to start treatment immediately.  His father is the sole provider for the family and took time off work in order to be with his family during such a difficult time.  The family’s landlord started threatening eviction because the family was unable to pay the full amount of their monthly rent.  Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund assisted with a portion of their rent so they would no longer have to worry they would be evicted from their home.  Rather, they could focus on getting their son well and cured from this disease.

Below is a statement from one of the people with whom we work:

“I’m a Family Resource Specialist in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  I provide financial resources to families who are expressing financial struggles that are a direct result of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.  I am in the trenches every day with families.  I see on a regular basis the financial impact and stress, caused by having a child with a chronic, life threatening or even a terminal illness, can have on a family.  Between parents and/or caregivers taking additional unpaid time off work, sometimes having to terminate employment altogether, paying additional travel expenses (gas, hotels, food) to get to and from appointments for intensive ongoing treatment and not to mention the cost of medical bills.  Many, if not all of our families, are financially impacted in one way or another.  It is because of organizations such as the Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund that allow parents and caregivers to have some financial respite during unimaginable stress and hardship.  That way, they can focus on the health and wellbeing of their child.  I cannot tell you how many families have been brought to tears out of the appreciation and relief for assistance with their rent, utilities, phone, etc from the Larry Silver Cancer Support Fund.  In times like these, such as the stories mentioned above, that make it clear that the little things make such an impact.  Thank you Larry Silver Memorial Cancer Support Fund, on behalf of the Children’s Hospital Colorado CCBD families, for your generosity, support and willingness to help.”  Sincerely, Colleen